About Me

My name is Jonelle. I'm the Lady behind the Lens of Ivory Lane Photography.

There is no extravagant story behind why I love photography, it has been something that comes so naturally for me that it has become a part of who I am. That's how Ivory Lane Photography was born. I wanted to be able to share each precious moment that gets captured in a photo with the people in them. Everyone looks at a moment in time differently - everyone remembers it in their on way. I absolutely love being a fly on the wall when memories are being made. I get to capture every moment that is so beautiful and special. The ability to share the joy of a moment in the form of a photo is what I live for!

I am married to my best friend. We share adventures with our fur babies - Phoebe & Merlin. They're my inspiration to remember as many of the little moments that I can as well as all the big ones. I hope to be able to capture your beautiful day with all the sweet little moments in between.

"Photography is capturing a memory in it's truest form"